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X-Reps Workout

What is X-Rep training?

Q. I have been hearing about X-Reps, this is something new that Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson invented and claim gives amazing results. But what is it and how do you do an X-Reps workout?

A. This technique is not really new it has been around for a long time, it goes by many names such as partials, burns, modified reps, etc.

But it is a great overload technique. The burn you will feel in the muscle will hook you into this method very quickly. When you have completed your full regular reps, continue to move the weight through part of the range of motion. That can be a half rep, a quarter rep or even just a couple of inches. Just keep moving the weight. When you performed your regular reps, you stimulated your muscle fibers 70%-80%. As you continue to push, even in small increments, the muscle fibers keep firing and additional fibers are recruited to assist in the effort. This is exactly what you want to do - overload the muscle and force it to grow. This technique is very intense. Use it sparingly, like any other overload method.

An important point to remember is X-Reps or Modified Reps as we call them in the Matrix Mass system, is only one technique you can use. Remember your body adapts to any workout or technique you use, and then progress stops. You need to keep changing your workouts and techniques on a regular basis in order to keep progressing.

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