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What is a Hardgainer

Hardgainer Definition

A hardgainer is a person who has less then average chances of gaining muscle mass. Sixty to ninety percent of all people are hardgainers. They are typically skinny, but can also have too much body fat. Unfortunately, hardgainers normally do not see great results from their workouts. Many of them will exercise for five or six days a week. Unfortunately, without help from experts, a hardgainer's efforts to see great results will not be successful. Everyone who thinks they are a hardgainer is not actually a hardgainer. It is important for them to know whether you are or not. It is possible to know if you are a hardgainer by examining your body, your tolerance to specific exercises and your workout routine.

How to Know if You're a Hardgainer

Steps to know if one is a hardgainer are very easy to follow. The first step is for someone to meaure his or her body. If the measurements are too small, chances are that you are a hardgainer. It is possible to exercise for days or weeks after taking the measurements and then to measure oneself again. If there are no results, then you are most likely a hardgainer.

Another test to determine if you are hardgainer is to perform heavy workouts. Hardgainers are not able to endure them easily. They tend to get tired and need lots of time to adjust to these type of workouts.

One more test for a possible hardgainer is to examine your workout routine. Many workouts are ineffective due to overtraining. If you have shaky hands, loss of appetite or loss of sleep, then you are overtraining. The reason that you are not seeing results may not be because you are a hardgainer. It is because you need to rest, sleep and to relax more.

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