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Weight Training Exercise Variations

Advanced bodybuilding exercises and workout techniques

On a regular basis we receive numerous requests for specific training tips to improve exercising and developing certain body parts. Little things you can do to "spice up" your workout and help build and shape your muscles a little more quickly. After all, you should always be experimenting with new techniques, angles and grips when training a muscle group; otherwise your workouts can easily become mundane no matter how devoted you are. Here are a few tips to incorporate in your training to keep you psyched. Pound away!

CHEST: Flat Bench Dumbbell Presses

Grab a pair of dumbbells and lay down on a flat bench. Lower your hands with your palms facing your feet, deep into your chest until the weights touch your pecs. Push the weights up and rotate your palms so they face each other at the top of the movement, allowing the dumbbells to lightly touch while simultaneously squeezing your pectorals tightly for a two count. Lower again and at the top of the next rep, keep your grip facing your feet while touching the weights and squeezing. Alternate your palm rotation on every other rep of the same set. You'll notice a deep muscle burn in your inner chest which helps define your upper torso.

BACK: Seated pulley Rows

Adjust a pulley row to the low position so the wheel is stomach level when you sit down. Place a standard close grip pulley bar on the cable and keep a knotted rope attachment near you. Perform your set with a weight which only allows six to eight hard reps. Make sure your elbows stay tight to your torso and that you are arching your back and pressing your chest forward to meet the bar on each contraction. Don't over-stretch forward which many people seem to do, because they think this helps develop their lats. Extend your shoulders slightly beyond ninety degrees, past this only jeopardizes your lower back and adds no benefit to your lats. As soon as you complete your heavy set, take the close grip bar off the cable and attach the rope. Adjust the weight 30-40% lighter and continue your set. Pull the rope close to your body while trying to bring your hands back as far as possible. Using this modified Drop Set technique will stimulate many new muscle fibers, which may never have been stressed the same way before.

THIGHS: Incline Leg Press

Position yourself on a leg press machine and load it with enough weight which will allow you to perform fifteen good reps. Place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and pump out five reps. Lock the platform and move your feet parallel together so they touch and pump out another five reps. Make sure to lower your knees deep into your chest. Finally, pivot your feet out forty-five degrees while keeping your heels together touching and squeeze out the final five repetitions or until failure. This three-position Drop Set hits the inner, outer and mid thigh muscles like no other exercise can. Perform as the final exercise of your quad workout.

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