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Weight Lifting Myths

Myths about weight training

There are countless myths that have been going around when it comes to weight training and bodybuilding. They are all repeated in pubs and bars across the world and have been doing so since Arnold put bodybuilding on the world map. Here are just a few of them and they are all complete BS.

Lifting weights is dangerous and machines have a reputation to be safer than free weights. But studies that have been done show a completely different result. The only way you can injure yourself with free weights is by doing incorrect technique and letting your ego get the best of you.

Weight training is bad for your joints: This has been proven many times to be completely incorrect as studies have shown that weight training is less stressful on your joints than running. It strengthens the tendons and is non-impact. Squatters have healthier knees then non-squatters.

Training with weights causes high blood pressure. Although your blood pressure increases while you are doing the set, it quickly returns to normal and that is how lifting improves your cardiovascular fitness. Studies show conclusively that weight lifting lowers your blood pressure.

Weight training makes you bulky. This is obviously not true because muscle is twice as dense as fat and more than double the weight of fat. There is a big difference between bulk that is fat and bulk that is muscle. The story that a bodybuilder cannot shave his face is just simple BS.

Training with weights for women makes them bulky. This statement is taken from someone who has seen too many women bodybuilding shows because most of those women are taken steroids in order to carry that much muscle. Weight training for women gives an attractive shape to a women's body.

Weight training stunts your growth. The only way that weight training is going to stunt your growth is by letting the bar fall on you. Some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time are well over 6 foot. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Dave Draper, Dave Robinson and many others.

Training with weights will make you slow. This is only showing ignorance because muscles contract faster the bigger they are. That is why sportsmen like Tiger Woods and Shaquille O'Neil do weight training on a regular basis as part of their routines to stay in top condition.

Weight training causes hemorrhoids. If you train correctly then you will be holding your breath as you push against your closed glottis. This will keep your lower back safe and contain the pressure within your abdomen. The correct training technique is all that is needed to never get hemorrhoids

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