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Variable Resistance Training

Variable resistance training is a technique that has you modify your usual training poundage up or down according to your energy levels on a particular workout day.

For example, if you come into the gym and you feel great and are bursting with energy, don't just use your regular poundage, add some more weight to the bar to really take advantage of when you are "in the zone".

But if you come into the gym and feel a bit tired and not as strong as usual, then use a little less then your regular poundage.

Think about it, you can't grow in you are overtraining and you also can't grow if you undertraining.

Your body is not a machine; it goes though different cycles, and it has it's ups and downs.

So, if you are tired or having a down day and you use your regular poundage you will end up over training for that day.

And if you have a high energy and high strength day and use your regular poundage you will be under training for that day.

Of course over time in order to progress you need to lift more weight in good form, but using variable resistance training will help you to avoid strength plateaus and you will see your strength go up faster then ever before.

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