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Tribestan Review

Does Tribestan work for muscle gains?

Tribestan is the trade name for a natural herbal product made in Bulgaria. The primary active ingredient is tribulus terrestris. The buzz around the bodybuilding community is that this herb increases strength muscle size by boosting testoeterone levels significantly.

We enjoy the folklore around this herb. One story about how it was discovered entails local farmers noticing some huge, muscular Bulgarian donkeys, which were predominant in one area of the country. These beasts were not only bigger, but also more aggressive and mating like rabbits. What a scene! Anyways, upon examination it was discovered the herb grew naturally in these particular areas and the animals grazed on it daily.

Tests performed by Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute indicated that after 5 days of using 750 mg, testosterone levels increased by 30%. Tribestan produces these results through the stimulation of LH (Leutinizing Hormone) a gonad stimulating hormone. In some cases, estradiol also increased so users may have to beware of gynecomastia (breast tissue enlargement).

Other tests noted an increased libido, improvements in frequency and strength of erections, reduced cholesterol, improved mood and increased self-confidence.

Years ago, we tested Tribestan on a small group of us and really didn't notice much in the way of muscle gains. But as additional reports come in, we may have to give it another try We will keep you posted.

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