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Training to Failure or Not

Should you train to failure on every set?

Q. I'm confused about training to failure. Some people say you should never train to failure, some say to take every set to failure and some say to do it only on the last set of an exercise. Should I train to failure or not? And if I should, do I go to failure on every set or just the last set?

A. In order to make progress you do need to push your limits at times, but training to failure on every set of every workout will quickly lead to over training and burn out. You need to cycle periods of going to failure on your last set with periods of holding back a couple of reps short of failure. This will give you better gains and keep you injury free.

Your workouts should be of varying intensities, so that your body will have to adapt through muscle growth. Continuous high intensity workouts are too much of a strain on both your body and your mind and will actually inhibit your muscle gains in the long run. The bottom lines is, you do not have to kill yourself in the gym all the time to make great gains.

I strongly suggest you get the HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual, it has the best intensity cycling workouts which give you the fastest muscle gains possible.

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