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Testosterone Boosting Workout

How to boost your testosterone levels naturally

Testosterone is the hormone that is produced in the testicles. It is the testosterone that flows through your veins that makes muscles strong, bones sturdy, less body fat and a healthier heart. With a higher testosterone level you are apt to have a better mental outlook and a stronger sex drive.

For many years it was believed that high testosterone levels caused aggressive and violent behavior. Research conducted at UCLA indicates that it isn't high testosterone that turns men into aggressors and tyrants; it is the shortage of this hormone that causes the negative behavior.

Dr. Carl Maresh, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Connecticut recommends pumping up your testosterone naturally by pumping iron. Short intense workouts, like the ones we have programmed for you in the Matrix Mass training manual, are best for raising your testosterone level. Compound movements that stress many muscle groups simultaneously should be the core of each of your training sessions. Just a small addition of testosterone can have a pretty big effect on increasing muscle size and lowering your percentage of body fat.

Dr. William Kraemer, director of research at Penn State University's Center for Sports Medicine, states that, "just about any kind of exercise will elevate testosterone levels to some degree, but the greatest response seems to be triggered by lifting heavy weights and recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible, for example, working the large muscle groups of the legs and torso." Testosterone levels peak about 60 minutes into a heavy workout and then drop dramatically so this is the time to stop training.

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