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Summer Workout Tips

How To Workout In The Heat

Humidity plus heat can be a tough situation for a hard training athlete. If you do not train in an air-conditioned facility then you are at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Typical symptoms to look out for are increased heart rate, muscle cramping and feeling light-headed. If you or your training partner show any of these signs then stop training immediately and drink plenty of cool water, but drink it slowly. If the symptoms are severe or persist then seek medical attention immediately. Failure to treat heat exhaustion can result in unconsciousness, heart failure and death.

When training in hot, humid conditions make sure to sip fluids throughout your workout to replace what you are losing through perspiration. There are a lot of sport drinks out there but most of then have too much sugar in them. Cool distilled water is still your best bet.

Wear loose clothing that is thin am comfortable and that will allow you body to sweat and cool itself down. If you start to feel weary due to the heat then give it a break for the day.

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