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Sports Specific Weight Training

Weight training for sports performance

When you want to improve in a certain sport, what do you do? There is so much confusion over cross-training and cycle training that we lose sight of the basics.

If you want to improve a certain skill or sport, practice that particular movement. If you want to be a great martial artist, practice kicking and punching on a daily basis. If you want to shoot hoops like Jordan, play basketball as often as possible. Working on a specific skill will make you better at performing it. If you are improving your karate skills and particularly want to build up your inside fighting tactics, then focus on drills which emphasize inside fighting. Likewise, if you want to be a great outside shooter, you would spend less time on ball handling and spend more time shooting from the outside.

Cross-training helps you build up certain components of your game but you have to play the game to get better. Sports specific skills have unique techniques which only repetitive practice can improve.

Weight training can improve your strength in any sport. Can a martial artist utilize 30 lbs more force with each punch? Will a basketball player be more effective with explosive speed? Sure. Balance your approach with weight training and practice your skills properly.

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