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Sergio Oliva HIT Workout

How high intensity training helped Sergio Oliva become "The Myth".

Sergio Oliva is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time; he won the Mr. Olympia three times and is one of the few men ever to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sergio was nicknamed "The Myth" because he was so big that you had to see him to believe it.

Sergio Oliva Measurements

At his peak Sergio claims the following stats:

5" 10" tall
251.5 pounds
56" chest
22 3/4" arms
30" thighs
28" waist

He built his massive size at first through Olympic weight lifting, than he switched to bodybuilding.

But it wasn't until he was trained by Arthur Jones using HIT workouts that he reached his top condition.

And if you didn't notice from the above measurements, here are some of the reasons they called Sergio Oliva The Myth...

He had thighs bigger than his waist

Yes, check those stats again, each of Sergio's thighs was 30" but his waist was only 28".

His arms were bigger than his own head

Athur Jones personally took actuate measurements of all the top bodybuilders including Arnold, and not only were Oliva's arms bigger than Arnold's they were also bigger than Serio's own head.

Sergio Oliva HIT Workout Routines

Here is an example of Serio's 30" thigh workout routine.

Leg Press 480 pounds for 20 reps
Leg Extension 200 pounds for 18 reps
Barbell Squats 420 pounds for 12 reps
Barbell Squats 300 pounds for 6 reps

Each of the above was done for only 1 set to failure, with no rest at all between exercises.

And here is the type of arm workout Jones used to put his trainees through.

Barbell Curl
Nautilus Bicep
Nautilus Pushdown
Triceps Dips

Also done for only 1 set to failure, with no rest at all between exercises.

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