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Reverse Pyramid Training

Reverse pyramid training workout

There is no doubt that pyramid training has proven itself to work and has now been used very effectively for years. Even beginners are using pyramid training just by simply increasing the weight with each set after the warm-up has been done.

The argument for doing reverse pyramids actually makes a lot of sense and in a nutshell it says that doing normal pyramids you are lifting the lightest weights when you are the strongest, and the heaviest weights when you are the weakest... doesn't make too much sense.

Doing a reverse pyramid workout takes into assumption that you are warming up correctly and have been training for a least one year. But the point is to start off heavy and only lighten the weight as you start to fatigue. The argument says that you will be able to increase the amount of muscle you put on because you are getting stronger quickly.

If you take into consideration that this reverse pyramid is only done when there is plenty of blood flowing around your joints and you have correctly warmed up then it makes a lot of sense. There are many weight trainers that have used this method very effectively over the years.

Most powerlifters train like this because their objective is to increase their one rep max. But reverse pyramids is not starting with just one rep but starting with three or four reps and only decreasing the weight after failure has been reached on the last rep.

Now that you're planning on a (good) set/rep scheme, it's time to pick the rep range you want to work in. A nice benefit to doing reverse pyramids is that you can choose different rep ranges depending on what your goals are.

As a general rule, here are what the different rep ranges work:

- 1-3 reps = Pure strength
- 4-6 reps = Mostly strength with little gains in size
- 7-10 reps = Mostly size with little gains in strength & density
- 11-15 reps = Pure size

It should be noted that the explanations of the different amount of reps will depend on your own personal genetic makeup and is not a generic review of everybody.

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