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Rear Delt Workout

How to build your rear deltoids

Many people neglect rear delt workouts, which can be a mistake. Not just for looks, but functionally, they help maintain and internal/external rotational balance within the shoulder girdle. Hope this helps a bit.

If you want to build your rear deltoids (I hope so, so that I'm not rambling), here are some exercises to try. Keep in keep the weight low, and the reps high, and really go for the burn.

1. Bent over lateral raise - perform these sitting at the end of a bench, or standing with your back at an angle just above parallel to the ground. Grab some dumbbells, and use your rear deltoids to contract the weight up. Try to visualize bringing your shoulder blades need to really squeeze at the point of contraction. I usually do 2 sets to failure, which usually occurs around 20 reps. These can also be done with cables... same form, just grab low pulley cables in opposite arms (left low pulley in right hand, vice versa).

2. Lateral raises on an incline bench - I lay stomach down on an incline bench set at about 45 degrees or so. I let my arms hang to the ground with a pair of dumbbells, and use the technique described above. Remember to try to pinch your shoulder blades together in the back. I use the same rep scheme for all rear delt exercises.

3. Reverse pec dec - If you have access to a pec dec, you can lower the seat a bit, and sit on the seat facing the machine, and grab the handles. Then contract your rear delts to bring the weight back... again, you will be visualizing pinching your shoulder blades together. This is a pretty good one... no flailing of the weight, and the machine maintains your form.

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