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Ray Mentzer Workout

Ray Mentzer Bodybuilder

Ray Mentzer was the younger brother of Mike Mentzer, but Ray was also a great bodybuilder in his out own right and some even felt that he had more potential than his brother. At his peak he reached 250 lbs in lean condition, which was unheard of in the early 80's. At that time he squatted 902 pounds for two reps and Arthur Jones who measured the arms of all the top bodybuilders, said that only Sergio Oliva and Ray Mentzer had arms that were actually over 20".

Mike and Ray Mentzer

Ray won the AAU Mr. America contest in 1979, which made he and Mike the only 2 brothers in history to both win Mr. America.

The big reason for Mike and Ray Mentzer's success in bodybuilding was that they both used high intensity training.

Ray Mentzer Workout

Here are some excerpts, from a 1979 interview where Ray talks about his workouts leading up to his Mr. America victory:

"For a while Mike and I strayed from our high intensity, heavy poundage workouts into a program using lighter weights and higher reps. That only lasted about a week, however, because it didn't work. Without the heavy resistance we could feel we were losing density and size quickly. We were training for endurance rather than hypertrophy, and endurance is what we were getting. When we got back on the heavier weights, we continued to progress, getting gradually stronger and more massive every week."

"Just before the Mr. America, my workouts were as heavy as I've ever gone. For chest I used the Nautilus machine one arm at a time with the whole stack plus a 75 pound place for 3-4 reps each side, very strict, holding the contractions. Then I did one set of pure negatives and a set with both arms for 8 reps positive. Finally, I inclined 375 for three reps, two strict and the last one with a bit of a bounce. All this was done within four minutes and was a super workout!"

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