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Pyramid Training

Bodybuilding pyramid training workout program

Pyramid training is a great way to finally break through any lasting plateau that you might be dealing with. It should be noted that if you have been training for less than a year you should cut out one or two of the exercises /movements that are listed below.

You should be weary to not select a weight that takes you to the point of failure on every set. This is not pyramid training as you will not be getting to the point of failure and beyond without first getting "the pump". So this means you should select a weight that is rather too conservative than too bold or daring.

The combination of doing high reps along with low reps is something that will achieve the maximum stimulation of muscle fibers. The recruitment of all your muscle fibers in the body part you are training is key to getting maximum gains from your workouts.

Below is a recommended pyramid routine with weights included so that you can get a good idea of the increments. You will need to adjust these weights to fit your specific strengths, some might be heavier and some lighter, but you need to adapt to your own presonal strength level.

Rest between Sets (30 seconds on warm-ups, 1-3 minutes on work sets) Rep Cadence (Down 2 up 1, Explosive positive, Controlled Negative, NO Rest top/bottom. I like to feel as if my body is a piston. Fast reps = greater force needed at the bottom of an exercise to explode upward = greater stimulation)

Flat Barbell Bench:
Reps x Weight -
20 x 45 (bar)
10 x 115 (warm-up)
8 x 135 (warm-up)
6 x 155
4 x 185
2 x 205

Incline Barbell Bench:
Reps x Weight -
10 x 135
8 x 155
6 x 185

Decline Barbell Bench:
Reps x Weight - 10 x 135 8 x 155 6 x 185

Close Grip Barbell Bench:
Reps x Weight - 15 x 95 12 x 115 10-8 x 135 8-6 x 145

Hammer Strength Dips:
Reps x Weight -
10 x Two 45s & two 25s (not including machines weight)
8 x Four 45s
6 x Six 45s

Overhead Triceps Extension:
Reps x Weight -
10 x 45
8 x 55
6 x 75

Triceps Kickbacks w/ DBs:
Reps x Weight -
15 x 20s
12 x 25s
10 x 30s
8 x 40s

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