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Progressive Weight Training

Weight Progression to Build Muscle

"Because the weight does matter"

My workout philosophy can be described in two words - weight progression. It is the cornerstone of my training and my focus at every workout.

I am contantly trying to beat the weight use at my last workout. I do not worry about the pump, the burn, or confusing the muscle.

I stick with the same basic exercises, the same reps, and the same amount of sets. The only thing that changes is the weight. I am soley tryng to get stronger at each workout.

I believe that if I can increase the weight used in each exercise, the muscle will grow in response to that.

If you have not been getting the results you desire, maybe a change is in order.

Weight Progression Principles

Stick with The Basics

Pick exercises that you can use the most weight on and that work the most muscles. These include the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-up, dip, barbell curl etc...

Use Micro Weights

Get yourself a set of weight plates that range from 1/4 lb to 1 lb. This allows weight increases as little as 1/4 lb for dips and pull-ups and 1/2 lb for any barbell exercise.

These can be found on the internet. Adding 5 lbs at a time is to fast for the body to adapt if done weekly. Give your body a chance and keep it small.

Weekly Weight Increases

Shoot for small but progressive weight increases.

Say you can squat 275 x 20. Add 2 lbs to the bar at your next workout.

If you get 20 reps the next time, add another 2 lbs. If you don't stay with 297 until you get the 20 reps.

Keep doing this over weeks, months, and years.

Stay focused on weight progression

The small increases add up over time and pretty soon you will be using poundage you never thought you would.

Use a Workout Log

This one is important. You need to write down everything you do each and every workout. Keep a very accurate log of the date, weight, reps, sets and anything else you might want to know in the future. I have been recording my workouts for over 10 years now.

And each workout you need to beat what you did in the last workout.

Don't just guess or think you can remember. You may be able to for a few weeks or months but not over the years.

Keep track of your weight progression, record everything, and beat it by a pound or two the next time.

Be In It For The Long Haul

It may seem like a slow process but it works. Stay the course. Keep focused on the next 1 lb. And then the next 1 lb after that.

Over time these small increases will lead to larger increases which will lead to bigger muscles.

Say you can squat 250 x 20 right now and over the course of the next couple of years you increase that to 350 x 20.

What do you think your legs will be like then?

Stick With It

Building the body you want is going to take time, dedication, determination and persistance.

Put this effort toward weight progression in the basic lifts. Use this technique to get stronger and stronger.

Keep using it month after month and year after year. Keep adding just a little more weight. This is how you build larger muscles.

And that is what most bodybuilders are after.

Where will you be 2 - 3 years from now if you start adding 1 lb to your squat and deadlift each and every week? I know where I will be.

Where will you be if you don't?

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