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Phosphatidylserine for Bodybuilding

Does phosphatidylserine cortisol blocker really work?

Phosphatidylserine (PS) has come onto the bodybuilding scene. More by accident than anything else. PS is a phospholipid, a mixture of phosphorus and fat. It plays a vital role in brain function especially in memory and learning. For years researchers have used PS to treat Alzheimer's patients and on patients with learning disabilities with good success. Doctors noted that as a side effect, these patients had suppressed cortisol levels. Cortisol is a highly catabolic hormone. This area of research, the suppression of cortisol, is now taking off.

Cortisol is a powerful catabolic stress hormone. Besides breaking down the protein in muscle tissue it also breaks down connective tissue, lowers immunity, reduces muscle RNA synthesis and possibly accelerates aging. When you subject your body to stress, cortisol is released, triggered by the "fight or flight" survival mechanism. In primitive man, cortisol was meant to mobilize the body into action by breaking down fat and muscle stores for emergency fuel to help overcome the danger or stress that existed. For today's weight trainer, bodybuilding is serious trauma that raises cortisol levels significantly. There is a new body of research that is attempting to control and reduce this catabolic hormone during and after workouts. It is now understood that the main way that anabolic steroids work is through the suppression and control of cortisol. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a naturally occurring phospholipid found in particularly high concentrations in brain tissue. PS is involved in the transmission of nerve message signals that affect cognitive abilities, memory and mood states. PS has also been found to control the feedback loop which affects cortisol secretion. Two well designed studies have shown a 30% suppression of cortisol after exercise when the subjects were given PS prior to training. This is new research that is still preliminary but very promising. These initial trial results make phosphatidylserine a supplement worth testing for yourself.

Test results are indicating that with lowered cortisol levels, athletes are able to build muscle at a much faster rate. This is very exciting news because this opens the door to achieving new levels of muscularity naturally! We have been testing PS for the past few months and have had great success with it. Many of our trainees have gained an average of 6-11 pounds of solid muscle mass during a of heavy training. The PS seems to enhance any other supplement that you are using making it much more powerful. So this is the time to stack your supplements for optimal effect.

Recommendation: The dose will depend upon whether you use powder or capsules. Follow the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer or our recommended dosage for that particular product.

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