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Old School Bodybuilding HIT Training

Old School vs New School Bodybuilding High Intensity Training

It seems that change is inevitable, and bodybuilding and high intensity training have gone through many changes in the last 30 years or so.

Most people assume that change is for the better and sometimes it is - but not all the time.

Sometimes change just complicates something that should be simple and other times it actually worsens or ruins something that was perfectly good or worked great to begin with.

So are the changes made to HIT training, justified? Does high intensity training work better now then it did back in the day? Or is it giving worse results today due to the changes that have been made to it?

Let's examine and compare old HIT vs new HIT.

Old School High Intensity Training

Here are some of the principles of classic HIT workouts:

2 to 6 sets for a body part
Each muscle worked 2 to 3 times a week
3 to 4 workouts a week
Good form with some cheating at the end of a set
Rep speed of 1 to 2 seconds up and 1 and 2 seconds down

And what were the results?

Casey Viator won the Mr America at only 19 years old

Franco Columbu added 3/8 of an inch to his arms in one workout

Arthur Jones gained 15.44 pounds of muscle in 22 days

Casey Viator gained 63.21 pounds of muscle in 28 days

Mike Mentzer won the Mr. Universe with a perfect score of 300 points and he also won the heavyweight class of the Mr. Olympia, once again with a perfect 300 score from the judges.

Ray Mentzer won the 1979 Mr. America

Eddie Mueller gained 18.2 pounds of muscle, adding 2 inches on his arms, 4 inches on his chest and 4 1/2 inches on his legs all in only 10 weeks.

New School High Intensity Training

Now lets look at how people are doing HIT workouts these days:

1 to 3 sets for a body part
Each muscle worked only once a week or less
1 to 2 workouts a week
Ultra strict form and no cheating
Rep speed as slow as 10 to 20 seconds up and 5 to 10 seconds down

And what kind of results are we seeing these days?

While people are still getting some results, it seems it is taking them years to get the same gains that used to be attained in months using old school HIT.

And some using new HIT never reach the type of results that people got in the past.

So it seems that many of these "new discoveries" and "improvements" that have occurred over the years were really just personal opinions and impediments that watered down the results over time.

My advice is just like Apollo Creed said in Rocky 3 "We've been living modern, but now we're gonna train old!".

High Intensity Training Secrets

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