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Natural Hormone Increasers

How to increase muscle building hormones naturally

The hormonal production within your body occurs as an interconnecting chair where the output of one affects the function of the others down the line. To optimize your hormonal status, you must look at each link in the chain to assure adequate production. Otherwise, only increasing one area may not yield the potentially positive results that you desire. Exercise, a healthy diet and correct supplements are important steps that you can take to encourage a proper hormonal balance.

At the top of the chain is the pineal gland. It is your master computer which has now been proven to be the controller of everything that happens within your body. This pea-sized gland lies deep in your brain and is turned on and off by light. Light entering your eyes signals the pineal gland to remain inactive but during the hours of darkness, the pineal gland is stimulated and begins the production and release of melatonin. This hormone synchronizes the activity of all other hormones within the chain. The use of melatonin has many proven benefits because it is the "engine" which maintains this whole chemical process.

The next link after the pineal gland is the hypothalamus and the striatal cortex. The major controllers in these areas include the neurotransmitter systems for acetylcholine and dopamine. The nutrients acetyl-l-carnitine and l-phenylalanine have been shown to maintain these neurotransmitter systems very effectively. That's why so many anti-aging groups use these nutrients so frequently. But here's a tip - these compounds will benefit you at any age, especially the muscle-building athlete who needs their body to maintain an anabolic (protein synthesis) state.

The next step down the chain is the pituitary gland which secrets a large variety of intermediate hormones including, the ever-so-popular, human growth hormone. Studies have shown that the use of the amino acids arginine and ornithine can help increase GH and IGF-1 levels.

The next link is the adrenal glands. The pituitary hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), travels from your pituitary gland to your adrenal glands where it initiates the conversion of cholesterol into all your steroid hormones including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Many doctors consider this hormone as the "Mother Hormone". DHEA supplementation has been shown to increase muscle tissue and reduce fat stores through its ability to increase testosterone levels at all ages.

As you can see, to ensure optimal hormonal production, you must consider every link in the chain to establish a healthy balance. Increased muscle growth, fat loss, mental alertness, longevity and on and on are all dependent on this chemical mechanism functioning as smoothly as possible. Exercise, particularly high intensity weightlifting, is proven to increase hormonal output in almost all areas. Combined with the appropriate supplements and a balanced diet, you will have all the bases covered toward achieving your peak condition and performance.

Dr. Colgan sums it up neatly when he states his basic principe concerning hormonal maintenance. "Never replace anything at any point on the hormone cascade, unless you ensure that the controlling hormones and other chemical further upstream have been restored to the best condition known to science, so that they can control the new downstream influx".

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