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MuscleNOW Review

Francesco Castano's IncrediBody MuscleNOW Program Review

Q. I am very interested in buying your Matrix Mass System, but I am also considering getting another program called MuscleNOW. How is Matrix Mass compared to MuscleNOW?

A. Francesco Castano's MuscleNOW program also known as IncrediBody is not a bad program and he certainly has some amazing before and after pictures as well as testimonials.

But, compared to Matrix Mass there are a number of problems with MuscleNOW such as:

MuscleNOW doesn't give you enough verity in your workout techniques, while Matrix Mass has 11 separate and unique phases, which helps you cycle your training throughout the entire year.

Francesco Castano claims that all bodybuilding supplements are worthless, this is of course a marketing approach so that he can convince you that all you need is his program. We all know that there are some supplements that can help our bodybuilding results. Matrix Mass includes a bonus supplement review guide that lets you know which supplements work and which ones are just hype!

MuscleNOW is way too expensive, he is charging $197.00 for a book! While the Matrix Mass program is now on sale for only $47.00.

Matrix Mass comes with much more then MuscleNOW does, the Matrix Mass system has more workouts, comes with a bonus bodybuilding audio, a bodybuilding supplement guide, free personal training and also a 100% money back guarantee all for a fraction of what you would pay for Francesco Castano's workout program.

So, my advice is to get the Matrix Mass Training Manual and get started on your way to the body of your dreams today!

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