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Muscle Priority Training

The muscle priority principle

All the top bodybuilders have used this simple and obvious muscle priority principal to insure maximum muscle gains over their whole bodies.

It may sound obvious but it takes a lot of self-criticism to look at the genetics that you have been born with in an honest and truthful way. The muscle priority principal simply makes sure that you train your weakest body parts first before you train your other "favorite" exercises.

We all have some asymmetry or weak body part in our body that needs to be trained more than the other parts. The muscle priority principal simply says that you should train that weak body part first before you reach fatigue. This means you will attack the weakest part first before you start training the rest.

There is a great story about Arnold who cut off his training pants at the knees so that everyone in the gym could see his weakest body part which was his calves. He would then train the hell out of them and he did this before he actually started training.

It is this principal that will turn you into a successful bodybuilder as you will eventually bring your weakest body parts up to par with the rest of your body and will not look out of proportion. The result will be a body that you can be proud of as it will be balanced with symmetry, depth and definition which are what the judges are looking for.

We all know of people that love to bench press and hate squatting. The result looks ridiculous as you get an upper body that looks great in a pair of jeans but looks completely ridiculous when you see the legs. This kind of body will never belong to a bodybuilder that knows about the muscle priority principal.

There are some bodybuilders who have no idea of their weaknesses and they just continue training without ever getting any advice. It is always good to ask someone who you know and respect about what they might think is your weakest body part when looking at your body.

This will give you a great idea on where you should start to concentrate before you start training. It is best to do these weak body parts first in order to get the maximum results before you get to the point of fatigue. The result will be something that you can measure and see the difference and therefore keep you motivated.

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