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Multi Angle Workout

Hitting a muscle from all angles

Stressing a muscle from a variety of angles is a concept that surfaced in the 1950's. Bodybuilders like John Grimek and Larry Scott, who used multi-angle training successfully, made it a popular approach for many years.

Stimulating a bodypart from a variety of different angles helps to exhaust and stress the muscle completely. We have used it for years but have now formally designed a specific workout to include in your program. We have tested this workout and it will add variety and change the stimulus to your body enough to cause growth and strength.

This agrees with the concepts that Steve Holman presents in "Positions of Flexion". The approach is sound, but staying on a multi-angle training strategy throughout the year will not stimulate the larger muscle groups sufficiently. That is why in our workout, we emphasize the compound portion of each exercise and de-emphasize the stretched and contracted positions since they are more of an isolated type of movement. For rapid gains, compound exercises will always do the job more efficiently and effectively.

The Multi Angle Mass Attack workout is just one of the techniques we use in the Matrix Mass system.

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