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Mike Mentzer vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Whose workout program is better Arnold's or Mentzer's?

No matter what you might think of Arnold and his training methods he is without a doubt one of the greatest bodybuilder of all time because he helped to put bodybuilding on the map. Moving it from a little-known subculture to one of the most widely used training methods for all kinds of reasons.

Arnold Schwarzenegger strongly believes in pushing his body to the limit of endurenace doing multiple sets and reps called volume training.

Arnold's Volume Training (VT) is using a sub-maximal weight on each set with high reps and lots of sets - up to 20 sets for each body part.

Mike Mentzer on the other hand calls his training Heavy-Duty Training which later became known to all of us as High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) which is a simple training system using maximal weight for each set and taken to absolute failure using a very slow rep tempo.

Mentzer's High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) because each set is taken to total muscle failure requires doing only a few sets - 1 to 3 for each bodypart.

After 5 decades of scientific research on the subject many still say that the ideas of Mike Mentzer hold water.

Great professional bodybuilders like Lee Lebrada and Dorian Yates feel that Arnold's high volume training only leads to over-training.

And this is even for true for the average man in the gym, for most of us volume training leads to no gains in strength and size but only frustration.

Yet, high intenisty training not only saves time, 30 minutes workouts rather than 2 hour workouts, but actually works better for anyone willing to work hard in the gym.

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