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Mike Mentzer Training Techniques

What high intensity workout techniques did Mike Mentzer use?

Although most bodybuilders are aware of Mikes HIT training, most people who have even tried his HIT program for a few months know very little about his advanced techniques that he developed. After retiring from competing in 1980 and working as a personal trainer he wrote about climbing the gruesome ladder of intensity.

It became obvious to him as a personal trainer that the more muscle someone has the more difficult it is to add muscle. If the stress of a workout does not increase there will be no muscle growth, so he designed a specific system taking a total beginner to intermediate and advanced bodybuilding one step at a time.

Simply put his program was to increase the weight while reducing the rest time between sets to increase intensity until muscle growth stopped or slowed down. His intermediate program uses pre-exhaust sets and reps. For example doing leg extensions to failure before doing squats or leg press.

By using techniques like forced reps and/or negatives in the attempt to go beyond the point of failure Mike would develop the follower of his program to a point where he/she became an advanced bodybuilder carrying a whole lot of muscle. By this point Mike introduced the reader to techniques on slowing down lactic acid accumulation in the muscles and reducing oxygen debt that stops the muscles working past the point of failure.

This was when he wrote about his rest pause training which he said was the only way to do a maximum rep with everything you got put into it. His training technique would use a maximum weight where he would do rest pause for one rep, rest for 10 seconds and then decrease the weight and do another one until nothing was left.

For the advanced bodybuilder Mike took it a step farther by introducing what he called Infitonic training which took the next step up the ladder of intensity. To cut a long explanation short it was a maximum rest pause rep that was immediately followed by a maximum negative rep, going past the point of failure.

His highest level of intensity he called Omni-Contraction training that explained the three ways a muscle can contract. The positive (lifting) the negative (lowering) and the static. This means that Mike insisted that the rest pause followed by the max negative should also include a positive static movement even just half an inch working against gravity while doing the eccentric movement.

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