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Mike Mentzer Split Routine

Mike Mentzer was no ordinary bodybuilder and if you have read anything about his High Intensity Training (HIT) then you will know it is all about slowly climbing the ladder of intensity as you get stronger. Working as a personal trainer for some of the top professional bodybuilders he changed his mind about his sets.

He suddenly felt that many of his clients were making slow progress because of too many sets. With his HIT including pushing every rep to the maximum using every technique that worked he felt that it was simply too much effort to allow for decent recovery so he lowered the sets.

2 to 4 sets using maximum intensity for each muscle group was simply too much as he noticed that his clients' results had ceased. He then reduced the sets to only one or maybe two sets but no more than that for small muscle groups. He also reduced the larger muscle groups to a maximum of 2 sets maybe 3 sets but no more than that.

One of his clients Dorian Yates that was busy was training for the coming Mr. Olympia contest took on this new training. Doing only one set for biceps and one set for triceps, as can be seen in the split training program below which helped Dorian make excellent gains. It is vitally important to note that HIT is maximum intensity and anything less than that will not get results.

This involves maximum motivation to ensure maximum intensity when doing these movements. Taking every rep that you do to the extreme constantly pushing the envelope to get another rep out or increase the weight lifted by even one pound.

Here is an example of the split routine recommend by Mike Mentzer in his book Heavy Duty which was released in 1993.

Workout 1

Workout 2
Low Back

Workout 3

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