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Mike Mentzer Negative Only Training

Mike Mentzer came up with a concept which only uses negatives, unlike doing negative emphasized training this method of training using ONLY negatives is something completely different because you have to move super slow. You also need two spotters to help lift a weight that you could never lift alone.

We all know that with any muscle group we are 60% stronger on any negative (eccentric) movement compared to a positive (concentric) movement. This means that we are handling an extra heavy weight doing negatives only and we need to be extra careful that we don't injure ourselves.

This is done in two ways. The first requirement for negatives only is to go super slow when lowering the weight. For example doing a negative only movement on leg extension where you would get your spotter to help lift the weight stack until your legs are locked and straight holding the weight as your spotter releases.

You then slowly lower the weight taking as long as 10 seconds to lower the weight until it hits the stack. The second requirement for negatives only is to get support because you are lowering a weight that is impossible for you to lift concentrically so you need help to start.

It should be noted that you should not train negatives more than once a week for each body-part. It puts and an enormous amount of stress on your tendons and joints and there is a lot of micro-trauma caused at a cellular level so you will need at least 48 hours to repair from a negative only workout.

It is possible to do negatives only training by yourself but you will need a power rack or a squat rack to hold the weight before you start lowering it. The following movements could be trained alone if a bit of preparation goes with training negatives only.

The following movements could be done alone:

Chin-ups and Pull-ups can be done standing on a bench, stool or step ladder

Parallel Bar Dips can also be used by standing on a bench or a stool

Barbell Presses can be done inside a power rack or a squat rack

Barbell Curls can also be done inside a rack

Standing B/B Triceps Presses can be done inside a rack

Barbell Shrugs can be done inside a rack

Barbell Rows can be done inside a rack

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