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Mike Mentzer Interview

1980 Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Training

As you know we feel that Mike Mentzer's early advice was much better than the advice he gave later in his life, for that reason we have dug up this 1980 Mike Mentzer interview. Enjoy!

Q. What is the most important factor in bodybuilding?

A. Genetics is the prime determinant. Realize that everyone can't be Arnolds. If it was just Arnold's training that made him great, there would be thousands of Arnolds since so many people train exactly the way he does.

But, Heavy Duty training will take you as far as your genetics allow, and it will get you there faster than volume training will.

Q. How does Heavy Duty training work?

A. The most important thing is to go to failure on every exercise. You can be innovative and do a different routine every workout. One workout use pre-exhaustion, one, use pre-exhaustion with negatives at the end. One, do pure negatives. As long as the last repetition of every set involves maximum effort that is 100% intensity.

Q. How long do your workouts last?

A. If I train alone I am finished in half an hour, but when I train with Ray it takes 1 or 1 1/4 hours.

Q. Do you do a full body workout or do you use a split routine?

A. I tried to train my whole body in one workout, but I was so tired after the workout that I would have to go home and sleep a couple of hours. It was too demanding. So I train only half my body at a time now.

Q. How many days a week do you train?

A. I use a 4-day a week routine, but to better recover I will soon change it. Instead of training 4 days out of every 7, I will train 4 days out of every 9.

Q. How many sets do you do for each body part?

A. When training for the Mr. Olympia I did 3 to 6 sets a body part.

Q. How many reps do you recommend?

A. If you do too many repetitions, you're going to failure because of your cardiovascular system. You want to train to muscular failure between 6 to 10 reps. But you don't stop at any number you should always attempt the momentary impossible. If you're capable of curling 100 pounds for 10 reps and you never try to do the 11th, why would your body change itself? To increase you have to give your body a reason. You must impose impossible demands every workout.

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