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Mike Mentzer Diet Plan

Mike Mentzer was an original thinker and despite his "in-your-face" attitude that he had to anything from volume training to protein consumption, he certainly made an impact on the bodybuilding world. He openly criticized Arnold saying he was wasting his time doing high volume training and he also has been published saying that 1.2 grams of protein per pound to simply too much.

Mike did not believe in the high protein low carb diets to lose fat as he said it is unhealthy and will cause problems because of the lack of Thiamine. Carbohydrates are abundant with thiamine which is why he recommends such high carbohydrate value in his diets.

His argument for the high carb and high calorie diet listed below is that most beginners who start weight training for the first time cannot pick up weight and have a fast metabolism. He says that you need to be willing to pick up a bit of fat in order to gain muscle.

Mike believed in low volume training with high intensity but he also believed in feeding the body more calories than was required depending on your somatotype. The diet listed below is what Mike recommends for an average 200 pound bodybuilder that is shorter than 6 feet.

Breakfast: total calories: 675
One cup orange juice
1 X cup oat-meal
1 X cup low-fat milk
1 X slice toast
1 X tbsp butter
Snack: total calories: 485
1 X peanut butter sandwich
1 X banana
1 X cup grape juice
Lunch: total calories: 1500
4 X pieces fried chicken plus French-fries/baked potato with butter and a green salad with blue cheese
1 X scoop ice cream
2 X granola cookies
1 X cup low-fat milk
Snack: total calories: 600
1 X cup dried fruit
1 and 1/2 cups milk
Dinner: total calories: 1650
1 X cup mushroom soup
1 X beef sirloin (6 oz)
1 X dinner roll with tbsp butter
1 X cup mixed veggies
1 X slice of pie with a beverage
Snack: total calories: 1050
1 X cup of mixed nuts with no salt added
1 X cup cocoa
Total daily calories: 6,000

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