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Mike Mentzer Books

What high intesnity training books did Mike Mentzer write?

One of his books that started a training revolution amongst his avid followers was his book called Heavy Duty. This revolutionary book explained exactly how anyone can reach their maximum muscle growth potential by training less than only one hour a week.

In this book Mike talks about the importance of genetics in bodybuilding, the psychological factors and the factors affecting motivation including some unique dietary considerations. He also included his high-intensity training principles, why we should always train to the point of failure.

Mike then published Heavy Duty Journal where he introduced topics into the conversation that had previously never been covered by books on bodybuilding. Mike discusses the scientific motivation for stress physiology and how to understand the different natural patterns in the body.

It includes info on how to cultivate metabolic momentum and using the natural patterns of muscle growth to help peak at the correct time when entering a competition. The book set itself up as the definitive guide to competing as a serious bodybuilder.

After that Mike published his sequel to Heavy Duty called HEAVY DUTY II: Mind and Body, which was his "magnum opus" and his final evolution of his own private theory on High-Intensity Training.

But Mike was not finished writing and published Muscles in Minutes around the year 2000 which introduced the idea of High Intensity Training (HIT). It reduced high-intensity training to basic fundamentals using exercise science where he discusses philosophy and some important technicalities of his previous works.

It included well described reasons for HIT with detailed descriptions of recommended exercises and how to approach training with high intensity. The book once again included important material on nutrition ad how to motivate yourself to keep up this type of training.

Although Mike has been criticized about some overlapping of information found in his Heavy Duty books, it became an all-inclusive document on HIT and how to use it to the best advantage. It became an easy reference for the growing amount of dedicated followers.

Muscles in Minutes included ground breaking information on increasing recovery from these brutal but short workouts and how to push up the intensity. The difference from his other books that he published was that Muscles in Minutes did not include the rather specific philosophy of training that most of his other books had.

When Heavy Duty II was published it became known as "the bible" of HIT and is more than just a book on bodybuilding as it was designed to be your training partner helping you set by set. But this book included valuable insights into his philosophy and training.

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