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Mentzer Consolidation Routine

Does the Mike Mentzer consolidation routine actually work?

Q. I have been reading Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty 2 and he lists a very low volume routine of only 2 to 3 sets that you should do only once a week.

Here are examples:

Workout A
Squats or Leg Press
Palm Up Pulldowns

Workout B
Press Over Head
Standing Calf Raises


Workout A

Workout B
Palm Up Pulldowns

I'm wondering if, can these routines really work?

A. First I have to say that many people online say this type of routine has worked for them.

But, I personally have tried it and while I did get stronger, I didn't increase in size as far as muscle mass, in fact my arms got half an inch smaller.

I also know many other people who tried it and were disappointed with the results. In fact, one friend of mine called Arthur Jones (before he died) for advice because he wasn't growing. And when he told Arthur that he was doing only 3 sets once a week, Arthur laughed and said "No wonder, you're not growing!". Arthur suggested more sets and at least 2 or 3 workouts a week.

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