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Melatonin for Bodybuilders

Benefits of taking a melatonin supplement

Melatonin is a hormone which is secreted primarily by the pineal gland located in your brain. Proper melatonin levels are necessary because this hormone affects such a wide range of cells and systems in the body.

Recently, melatonin has had a huge amount of media coverage that basically emphasizes its' sleep-enhancing qualities. Recent research indicates that melatonin also boosts the immune system effectively and directly. In recent studies, melatonin was shown to neutralize a wide range of free radical molecules. These are the molecules that have an unpaired electron in their orbit and that cause the breakdown of surrounding healthy cell membranes. Bodybuilders like yourself, produce a large amount of free radicals in every intense workout. Melatonin has recently been shown to be a more effective antioxidant than vitamin E and glutathione.

Melatonin has sedative and sleep promoting qualities in animals and man. Doses of 3-6 mg before bedtime have shown to result in a deeper more restful sleep and in a longer sleeping period.

Putting the media hype aside. We feel that just from the antioxidant properties and rest inducing effects of melatonin it is a supplement worth taking. Considering that you are training intensely; you will benefit from its' ability to scavenge free radicals and therefore recuperate more quickly experiencing less tissue damage and soreness and also you will get a more restful nights' sleep which enhances your recuperation as well.

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