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Iso Tension Training

Iso-Tension contractions bodybuilding technique

What is "Iso-Tension"? Well let's break the word down. Iso is a combining form meaning "equal". And Tension means, "to contract". So Iso-Tension is simply flexing your muscles and holding that contraction without moving.

How can you incorporate Iso-Tension training into your bodybuilding workouts?

Just hold on for more muscle stimulation!

Just holding the bar, at the end of a set can add new muscle to the target area that you're training. Iso-Tension also called static tension is a simple yet powerful overload technique that many lifters don't take advantage of. At the end of your set, hold the weight motionless and continue to deliberately squeeze the muscles you're working for fifteen to twenty seconds.

For example, on the last rep of incline bench presses, hold the bar in the starting position and squeeze your pectorals intensely. This technique will force additional muscle fibers to trigger in the effort of holding the weight up. The fibers that you have stimulated during your regular reps have already activated, additional new fibers are recruited in this effort that will stimulate new growth.

Just try this simple Iso-Tension technique and feel the results!

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