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Instinctive Training Bodybuilding

What is instinctive training principle?

The instinctive training principal was made famous by Joe Weider. Although the instinctive training idea has received a lot of criticism over the years it is still something that is used very effectively by a lot of top bodybuilders.

It is actually very simple because it means that even if you are on your last rep of your last set when doing a back workout or a chest workout you might still be able to do more. Basically what this means is that any good bodybuilder needs to take into account how he/she is feeling.

How to use the instinctive training method

What all successful bodybuilders know very well is that building muscle is a lot more than just following a specific routine. It has to do with the "connection" between muscle and mind. The concept of instinctive training allows you to do this using your own gut instincts.

This means listening to your body and can take many different forms. For example if you are doing a split routine and you find that when doing chest the second time that week you are still sore then there is nothing wrong with missing a day and postponing that training session till the following day.

But it works just as well the other way for example doing your last set where you had planned on failing on 8 reps and you feel that you can squeeze out another one. The reasons could be very complicated why you feel stronger and it is better to be able to respond to this instinctive training than try and analyze it.

But instinctive training does not only apply to training as it should apply to everything in your training and that includes you're eating and drinking as well as your sleeping hours. You need to stay "in tune" with your body if you want to constantly gain muscle on a continuous basis.

Too often bodybuilders or weight trainers find some new fancy workout in a magazine and decide to stick with it no matter what. But this may be something that is simply not for you and the reasons could be very complicated so it is best to start training with a new routine with an instinctive training attitude.

If you are able to start a new training method like forced reps, pyramids or negatives it is important that you "listen" to your own body's specific response to this workout routine. The more fine-tuned your attitude is towards your own body the better your training results will be.

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