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Increase Bench Press 50 Pounds in 8 Weeks

Tips to Increase Bench Press Fast!

When looking to increase bench press in 8 weeks, you should keep in mind that lifting incredibly heavy weights can actually damage your muscles and lead to injuries, as your body needs to be perfectly trained in order to increase bench press by 50 lbs.

Therefore, instead of concentrating on adding weights to your bench press, you should pay more attention to the correct technique through which you can actually strengthen your entire body, building stamina and physical endurance at the same time. A wrong position of the hands on the bar, an improper grip and lowering the bar incorrectly can compromise the results of your hard workouts.

So if you're among those lifters and bodybuilders interested in how to increase bench press by 50 lbs in the shortest time, keep reading the following suggestions.

Five simple tips to increase bench press in 8 weeks

1. Build your triceps and biceps - these two groups of muscles play a very important role in the lifting movements so you should include in your workout routine some heavy curls and close grip bench press exercises for example.

2. Get out of your comfort zone - whenever you feel the weight lifting training becomes a routine and doesn't force you to push your body and muscles to the limit, add an extra set, make the breaks shorter or add some extra weights. By doing so your muscles will grow quicker and they'll get stronger so you will be able to increase bench press by 50 lbs in a shorter time.

3. Train your arms and chest separately - working your entire upper body each day is not the smartest strategy when you look for tips to increase bench press in 8 weeks, as in order to build up your triceps and biceps need to be perfectly fresh and undamaged.

4. Avoid overtraining - as said, you need to give your muscles the time to repair and grow, so avoid doing the same exercises day after day. Two days per week are more than enough for building stronger arms and strengthening your chest muscles to get a better defined appearance. So make sure you get enough rest and sleep between trainings, as these are essential for mass growth.

5. Eat lots of protein and don't exclude carbs - increasing your bench press can only be done after your muscles are trained hard enough but it's well known that in order to get bigger, muscular fibers need protein. So pay attention to your eating habits as well and avoid dieting! Proteins taken before workouts, either from foods or dietary supplements, are extremely important for stimulating mass growth. Carbs on the other hand are also important as they provide the needed energy and they speed up the recovery process after intense workouts.

Of course there are lots of other strategies you can apply to increase bench press by 50 lbs, but these are basic steps you have to follow in order to strengthen your chest and arms. So remember, eat properly, rest enough, stick to a training schedule and one more tip: do bench press negatives! As often as possible, do 1 rep by adding very heavy weights to your regular bench press - this exercise has a dramatic effect when it comes to strengthening your upper body and increasing bench press in 8 weeks!

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