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How To Use Creatine

How To Properly Use Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate has been shown to increase your strength, muscle size and recuperative abilities by providing more fuel for muscular energy. It's one of the hottest supplements on the market.

Many supplements promise better performance and larger muscle size. Some of them do provide these benefits, but they often require months of consistent use for results to occur. This is not the case with creatine monohydrate. You will experience noticeable gains within the first four weeks of use. It's not uncommon to gain 5 to 8 lb of muscle during this initial period.

When you exercise, your body utilizes energy, which is generated in part by an energy pathway that involves ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and creatine. However, your ATP stores are limited. When they are temporarily depleted due to exercise, this impairs your ability to perform continued muscular contractions. Creatine monohydrate increases your body's ability to resynthesize ATP quickly. It also helps to reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which eventually makes the muscle cells so acidic that exercise must stop. Creatine supplements increase your muscles' creatine levels faster and more effectively than diet alone. You would have to eat more than 2 lb of steak to get one teaspoon (5 gm) of pure creatine.

Consume 15 gm per day for seven days as a loading phase. Split your doses into 5-gm increments (1 teaspoon) mixed with a half-cup of grape juice or other fruit juice for best results. The juice spikes your insulin levels and helps the creatine to get into your muscle cells. After this loading phase, use 5 to 10 gm per day as a maintenance dose.Your muscles recover from the stresses of training and grow in direct proportion to the quality of food you consume.You need 1 gm of protein per pound of body weight along with low-glycemic-index carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fats in the right ratios to reach your physique goals.

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