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How To Do Preacher Curls For Biceps Mass

Have you ever seen people curling on a preacher curl with the bench part turned around backwards? If so, have you wondered why they were doing that?

Most preacher curls were designed with about a 45-60 degree anlge on the bench part. The back side of them, where your stomach and chest rest during the exercise, is angled at a 90 degree angle. The problem with doing them at the 45-60 degree angle is that at the top portion of the movement, the tension is off your biceps. In extreme cases the tension can even be transferred to the triceps.

Luckily, most preacher benches have adjustable benches that will come completely out of the base frame. You can then take the bench and turn it around and get the 90 degree angle. This will keep the tension on your biceps throughout the whole movement and especially at top portion of the movement.

If you've never tried preacher curls this way, give it a shot for biceps mass. You'll love it!

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