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How To Do Dumbbell Flyes For Chest

This tip is going to be a tweak of a specific type of exercise to make it more effective. The exercise is the Dumbbell Fly for the chest.

When most people do Flys, they make two mistakes which don't allow them to get the most out of the exercise. The first mistake is taking the Dumbbells too far inward and allowing them to touch. What happens when you do this? It shifts the stress off of the intended chest muscles and onto the rear delts and triceps. If you are doing flys and feel a collapsing motion inward at the top of the movement when you allow the Dumbbells to touch each other and then have to pull them back apart with a slight difficulty, then you're limiting the effectiveness of this exercise.

You need to find the point where the chest is fully contracted but still completely tensed. This is the point where you want to start the motion back to the stretched lower position.

The second part of the tip ties in nicely with the first. At the top of the Fly movement, allow the bottoms of your hands to spin towards each other twisting the Dumbbells inward so that your thumbs are facing away from each other. Do this in a controlled slow fashion as your are arching the Dumbbells towards each other during the Fly movement. This will allow you to fulling contract the pecs and get a great burn! Your pecs will be looking like you ticked off a wolverine in no time.

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