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What do equipment do you need to workout at home?

There are many good reasons why someone would want to train at home instead of going to a commercial gym. The reasons could range from the time it takes you to get to gym, the fees you need to pay, the busy times when you have to wait for a machine and many more.

If you decide to rather train at home and you want to train with weights we must assume that you do not have an unlimited budget so we need to be careful in selecting the correct equipment to purchase. Home gyms offer time efficiency and will cost less in the long term but it still needs a commitment from you to train on a regular basis.

Buying junk is going to cost you more in the long run as you either outgrow the cheap equipment you are using or it breaks and you have to go back to the gym. The following pieces of equipment that you need for a good home gym to train with weights on a regular basis to increase strength and build muscle should cost you around $500 if you buy second hand from Craigslist or some other source.

Olympic Barbell

Olympic Plates, bumper plates or cast iron plates

Weight Bench (or a regular utility bench)

Squat Stand with a pull-up bar included (or squat rack)

With these four pieces of equipment you will easily be able to do the big four compound movements plus many other movements that will help you increase your general strength, reduce body-fat and gain more muscle. You should easily be able to find weighted plates to fit your Olympic bar for about $0.50 a pound on Craigslist or $250 for 500 pounds.

A new utility weight bench should cost about $90 so second hand should be about $40. A good Olympic barbell is going to cost over $250 so it is strongly recommended that you look for second hand and avoid buying a new bar on Amazon or at Wal-Mart for $100, they will bend with 250 pounds loaded.

A good squat stand with an adjustable pull-up bar attached will cost you around $500 new but can often be found selling on second hand stores websites for less than half that price. The other option is to purchase a second hand power rack and a $35 pull-up bar that you can attach to any doorway.

If you purchased only good second hand weights for your new home gym you will be able to set yourself and be ready to start training for $540.

Olympic Bar $100

Weighted plates 500 pounds $250

Utility bench $40

Squat stand or power rack $150

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