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High Intensity Training Results

Does high intensity training work?

Q. I've been reading about HIT or high intensity training and it sounds great BUT I am skeptical. Does HIT really work? And if so what kind of results are people getting from it?

A.I can say with 100% certainty, that high intensity training does work. My own results from high intensity training is that at 5'5" tall I went from 154 to 170 pounds in only 8 weeks. My waist stayed the exact same size so very little or none of it was fat. My strength and size went through the roof, and a good friend of mine took me aside and asked if I was taking steroids. Which of course I wasn't I was just training hard and eating right for muscle gains.

High Intensity Training does work like a bomb when it is done the right way, checkout the new HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual it will help you reach your full genetic potential as fast as possible!

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