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High Intensity Training Principles

What are the best high intensity training techniques?

Q. I have been learning the high intensity training principles and look forward to using them. My question is what are the best high intensity training techniques?

A. As you have learned the principles of high intensity training are that while your workouts need to be short and infrequent, you will also need to increase your intensity of effort. The following high intensity training techniques, will help you workout with 100% intensity.

Training to failure

Training to failure is doing as many reps of an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure, i.e. the point where you can't do another rep no matter how hard you try.

Pre Exhaustion

Pre exhaustion is a technique where you first do an isolation exercise and then with no rest you do a compound exercise for the same muscle group. For example, do leg extensions to failure immediately followed by leg press to failure.

Forced reps

Forced reps are when after you reach failure your training partner gives you just enough assistance to help you force out one or two more reps.

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