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High Intensity Training for Muscle Mass

Does high intensity training build muscle?

Q. I want to build muscle and I recently heard about high intensity training. But, I am wondering, is high intensity training for mass or is it just for increasing strength?

A. Yes, high intensity training is for building muscle mass, but it is also for increasing strength. Let me explain, there is a direct relationship between a muscles strength and its size, and in order to make a muscle bigger you have to make it stronger. However, this is not always and 1 to 1 ratio, and there are ways to increase size more than strength and visa versa. I also know that using some of the super low volume HIT routines people have complained about increasing strength but not size.

But, when done right and with the correct intensity, volume and frequency high intensity training will build muscle mass big time. In fact the new HITMAN program is specifically designed to help you reach your full genetic potential in muscular mass as fast as possible.

Get the HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual and see for yourself how many people are gaining 20 pounds of muscle in just 3 months!

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