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High Intensity Training Information

What is high intensity training?

The basic explanation of high intensity training or (HIT) is exercise that is brief, infrequent and intense. Exercise preformed at the highest level of effort is said to increase muscle strength and size. This leads people to believe that HIT is a better solution than doing an X amount of reps at a lower intensity. When doing high intensity training one will lift heavy weights until muscle failure and then take many days off to let the muscles recover and grow. One must keep increasing the amount of weight that they are lifting so that there muscles will continue growing, this process in called muscle overload.

Not only can "high intensity training" be used for strength training, it can also be used cardiovascular training. By doing cardiovascular activities such as (running, walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc.) at a high intensity you will make your heart stronger as well as all of the muscles in use. By running at high intensity you will increase your running performance making it easier to run for a longer period of time as well as increase your speed and leg muscle performance. This is why I love doing high intensity cardiovascular exercise because you are hardly ever short of breath. And it also helps ones appearance.

When you take part in high intensity strength training you usually would do about 6-12 reps with as much weight as you can handle in good form. When using high intensity training you should move very slowly when weight lifting. You should usually use somewhere around a two seconds up and four seconds down when exercising.

And never forget to have human assistance! When you do high intensity training your muscles will almost always going to give out when lifting. To prevent injuries if this does happen make sure you have a spotter.

Also remember to change it up. Feel free to do different types of exercise as well as different styles. You can try rest pause training, for example when you are in the middle of a set and your muscles fail take a 10 second break and then pump out as many more reps as you can.

For the best high intensity training information read HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual. High Intensity Training does work when done the right way; in fact many people are gaining 20 pounds of muscle in 3 months with the new HITMAN program!

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