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Bodybuilding High Fat High Protein Diet

High fat high protein low carb diet plan

Many have tried this diet and are having great success. They have lost body fat, increased energy, controlled food cravings and most import of all - added new muscle to their bodies.

More support has arisen for this diet plan. It seems people only listen when someone prestigious supports the data in question, well, Dr. Barry Sears who was a researcher at MIT with 12 medical patents in the field of cancer therapy has the credentials to be taken seriously. His dietary advice has contributed to eight gold medals at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. His book "The Zone" argues that fat is a far more efficient fuel than carbohydrates. "Fat is a fuel that is inexhaustible compared to glycogen. In two to three hours you can completely deplete your glycogen stores while even a skinny person has about 50,000 calories of stored body fat." Dr. Sears promotes that each meal should have roughly equal proportions of protein and carbohydrate, with a higher amount of fat.

Now, we suggest a higher amount of protein consumption because we are in the muscle building business. Keeping the carbohydrates low will force your body to burn fat for fuel and energy and keep you "on your toes" and lean as well. When carbs are limited, the fat that you consume is used for fuel, not stored in your arteries. Where you get into a health risk is by combining carbs and fat together on a regular basis. Like the typical Saturday night meal when you order prime-rib with a baked potato, garlic bread and a nice sugary dessert. Sound familiar? With carbs present, this allows the saturated fat to be stored in your arteries and around your mid-section.

The fats you should consume come from beef, chicken, whole eggs and cheese and you should also include flaxseed oil and conjugated linoleic acid. Though you're limiting carbs you can still eat some fruits and vegetables, that are lightly steamed. That way you get the beneficial antioxidants found in these low-glycemic carbohydrate foods. Now, we would only recommend following this program if you are training at least four days a week. It's not for the sedentary slug sitting on the couch, nothing works for them.

Some trainees have asked if this diet is nutritionally balanced? Yes, Yes, Yes. It is very nutritionally balanced. By including whole foods, ample protein, wholesome fats, raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts and seeds - this diet excels in nutritional content. Also, by avoiding starchy foods, which do not combine well with proteins anyways, your digestion will be greatly improved and this will insure that the nutrients are readily available for absorption and utilization within the body.

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