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Hardgainer Workouts

What are the best workouts for hardgainers?

A hardgainer is genetically a typical person. He/she is born with no special genetic gifts that enable them to pack on muscle mass quickly. Typically finding the right workout and diet is the toughest challenge when it comes to being a hardgainer. There are hundreds among thousands of different diets and supplements and even workouts. How do you choose which works? It is a simple knowing your body. Knowing your body is the key to knowing what works for you. Hardgainer workouts allow you to know your body, learn your body, and transform your body. Most importantly is not first the diet. It is the workout. Getting into a routine, and loving every second of it, is what is going to make your body do it right and keep it.

Hardgainer workouts are all about building muscle, losing fat and of course looking great. Let us get started with some the best exercise available to get you where you want to be. Barbell bench, squats, dead lifts, barbell bent over rows, neck work, back extension, leg curls, overhead presses, chin ups, calf raise, and parallel bar dips. These according to reviews have been the most effective for gaining strength and muscle mass. Of course there are many adjustments and methods you can use on these exercises.

These exercises can take a whole lot of body strength to complete, however are very effective. Make sure to keep a routine going. Never do all the workouts in one single day or routine. Alternate them choose three or four in one workout, give your body a rest the next day, then on the following days complete the remaining exercises. Keep your sets on each exercise to only two or three sets.

Sample Hardgainer Chest Workout

To some people the most important workout is the chest workout. This is one of the largest muscle groups in the upper body.

A sample of the hardgainer chest workout might include:

Flat bench press, incline bench press, pec-deck machine and incline dumbbell flyes.

Your rep range should be 8 to 12 and no more than two sets each.

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