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Hardgainer Weight Gain

How to gain weight for a hardgainer?

Many people are trying to gain muscle weight. These people are tired of being skinny and want to have a body that is built. There are some tips for hardgainers that will help you put on weight. The tips are simple to follow just about anyone can learn how to gain weight and get the muscle mass they want.

Many people who are into bodybuilding and working out do not understand the difference between losing weight (fat) and gaining muscle mass. Just like a person works out to lose fat a person has to workout to build muscle. In order to put on muscle weight a person also has to make changes to their normal diet. In order to put on weight it is not recommended to eat fast food and junk food. This will help put on the wrong kind of weight and this food is not good for the body.

When wanting to put on weight a person has to consume a lot of protein. It is recommended a person eat 1.5 gram of protein for every pound that they weigh. This protein will be part of a plan where a person eats six to eight smaller meals a day. The time between meals should be at least ninety minutes but no more then three hours. If a person goes without eating for over three hours the body will start eating muscles mass for energy. To help the body process all the protein a person has to drink a lot of water.

In addition to the increased intake of protein a person has to increase their intake of carbohydrates. A person should eat two grams of carbs for every pound that they weight. Carbs help give the body energy so the body does not have to interfere with muscle mass. Half of the total carb intake should be eaten after a person finishes working out. This will help the body store them.

To gain muscle weight a person not only has to eat properly but they have to give their body a chance to rest. When you workout the muscle in you body will be damaged. Your muscles need time to repair themselves in order to grow bigger and stronger. So make sure you don't workout too long or too often.

You should also should also get at least eight hours of sleep each and every night.

Following these tips will help you body stay healthy and help you gain weight and muscle mass.

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