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Hardgainer Tips

Muscle building tips for hardgainers

As the name implies, hardgainers typically have a hard time gaining weight and building muscle. These people can hit the gym for countless hours each day but still aren't able to gain any weight or significant improvement in their muscles and overall physique. Let's face it, not everyone was born to be a bodybuilder or achieve a muscular body like an IFBB Pro. Although it isn't in our genetics to do so, hardgainers, skinny or fat, may still have hope with these muscle building tips for hardgainers.

First tip, keep your workout sessions short, no more than 60 minutes. The maximum amount of time a weight training workout should go on is no more than a full hour. After 60 minutes, the levels of muscle producing hormones including growth hormone and testosterone will start to fluctuate and eventually drop. Moreover, the stored carbohydrates in the muscle cells and liver will also run out after this period of time of intense training, making it meaningless to train more than an hour. If your weight training program sets you back at more than an hour, you will just be wasting your time since the hormones and fuel required for muscle growth and development are already depleted by that time.

Second tip, resting between each set should last no longer than a minute and a half. Keep your rest time per set to a minimum. This will not only enable you to do more work throughout the 60-minute weight training session, it also assists in enhancing the cardiovascular system and, most importantly, optimizing the production of growth hormone.

Third tip, weight training must never be executed for more than two days concurrently. This is something that is very vital for any bodybuilder and weightlifter, especially for hardgainers. This will result in a consistently depressed nervous system that will, in turn, result in gains not only becoming impossible to come by, but also to maintain. This will have an end effect of your strength gradually but surely decreasing.

Lastly, sets should comprise of a count of between 6 to 15 repetitions. There are a lot of reasons for this and one of them is that it within the range in which growth hormone production is optimized.

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