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Hardgainer Project X Review

A review of Jeff Anderson's Hardgainer Project X

We constantly get asked how our HITMAN program compares to some other workout program out there, this is understandable as everyone wants to get something that will not only give them the best results, but also at the best price.

Recently someone asked us to review "Hardgainer Project X" by Jeff Anderson. The first thing we want to make clear is this is not a bad program and we are not saying it doesn't work, we are simply comparing it to HITMAN to find out which works better and which one gives you the most bang for your buck.

One thing we didn't like about the Hardgainer Project X manual is the first thing Jeff trys to do is sell you all his other ebooks so you can to cycle your training throughout the year using all his programs.

Hardgainer Project X is really just one workout program while HITMAN gives you 8 different workout programs, so with HITMAN you don't need to buy a bunch of other ebooks to keep changing your workouts throughout the year.

Hardgainer Project X costs $67, while HITMAN only costs $27.00!

HITMAN also has free bonus specialization workouts for every bodypart, but Jeff will try to sell you each of his bodypart specialization workouts for $27.00. Yes, $27.00 for chest, $27.00 for arms, etc.

So the bottom line is what would actually cost you hundreds of dollars to get from Jeff Anderson, you can get all that plus more workouts for hardgainers for only $27.00 total when you buy HITMAN High Intensity Training Manual.

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