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Hardgainer Magazine

The Hardgainer Magazine has made the impact on the bodybuilding community that it was desired to. The reason why this magazine started in the first place was because of Stuart McRobert's persistence in trying to become a professional bodybuilder who did not have the genetic gift required to be successful in this sport.

When he started the publication in 1989 Stuart had 20 years of training despite his less than perfect genetic make-up that he was born with. Stuart has published well over 500 articles and written five top selling books on physical transformation. He edited and published the Hardgainer Magazine for 15 years.

Starting as a bi-monthly publication it was forced to become a quarterly magazine, which offered the most practical and usable way to increase muscle for people who find it difficult to gain muscle. Unfortunately even as a quarterly publication it was not sustainable and Stuart had to stop the publication.

After successfully publishing 89 different issues of Hardgainer Magazine Stuart eventually stopped the publication in April 2004. But fortunately these insights into gaining muscle from a man who tried everything to gain muscle and today is able to deadlift 400 pounds for 20 reps and has the muscle to show for it.

Although Stuart never did compete as a professional bodybuilder he has been responsible for enlightening the majority of hard gainers who had no idea how to add muscle to a body with limited genetic ability. The difference between the type of advice that the reader got from Stuart compared to the average bodybuilding magazine was blatantly obvious.

The average bodybuilding magazine that we see on the shelf is more than lightly just going to list what Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman does. This does not help the average hardgainer bodybuilder to gain muscle at all because the result of following this type of advice will eventually reach a point of overtraining that results in no muscle gain and the person eventually gives up.

Stuart stresses that the only way that muscle will be gained at a sustainable rate is to make sure that you are training correctly, eating correctly and getting enough sleep every night. He believed strongly in compound movements to increase core strength so that the body is forced to respond by increasing the amount of muscle that it holds.

The back issues of Hardgainer magazine are now available online and should be read by the any hard gainer who wants to increase the amount of muscle on their body. This is a valuable magazine that can make the difference between success and failure for any Ectomorph or Endomorph who have problems in gaining muscle.

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