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Hardgainer Foods

What are the best foods for hardgainers?

Hardgainers are people who find it difficult to bulk up regardless of how much they work out. If you are a hardgainer it is important to consider your diet when trying to find the solution that will help you to gain weight and build bigger and more defined muscles. Whether you are a hardgainer due to having a high metabolism rate or due to burning off excessive calories through working out, here is a rundown of some of the best foods for a hardgainer's diet.

High calorie foods for hardgainers


Peanuts are one of the best foods for hardgainers. Whether eaten whole or as peanut butter, peanuts are loaded with protein and calories that can help hardgainers add bulk to their frame. It makes a convenient snack food; you can even keep a jar of peanut butter in your gym bag. Get natural peanut butter rather than the kind that is loaded with sugar. In addition to peanuts, nuts and nut butters of all types make a great food for a hardgainer.


Eggs are another source of both protein and calories. Though egg whites are the healthiest choice for the average person, the additional nutrients in the yolk are beneficial for a hardgainer. Scrambled eggs or omelets made with cheese, low fat cuts of meat and other foods is a nutrient rich breakfast for a hardgainer.

Whole Grain Foods

Whether it is sliced bread, bagels, pasta or other foods look for those foods made from whole grains. These foods are packed with carbs and calories while being healthier than those same foods made with processed grains, making any whole grain food one of the best foods for hardgainers.

Meat and Fish

Hardgainers should pack as much fish and meat into their diet as possible. Don't avoid red meat, but don't overdo it either. Small amounts of fatty meats are fine, you just don't want to eat fatty meats with each meal.

Whole Milk

Though few people drink whole milk, whole milk is one of the best high calorie foods for hardgainers. Whole milk is loaded with calories and fat and can be drank with protein powder or other additives to make the milk even better for a hardgainer.


Raisins are another one of the best high calorie foods for hardgainers. Packing over 400 calories in a cup, raisins are a convenient food to add to meals or eat as a snack throughout the day. Raisins also provide a hardgainer with carbs and protein.

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