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Hardgainer Back Workout

If you consider yourself a hardgainer because you feel that you are predominantly ectomorphic, tall and thin, then it is strongly advised that you start using a workout journal as this will ensure that you are always using progressive resistance.

This is important as a strong muscle is a big muscle and the stronger you get by lifting a heavy weight with strict form the more your muscles will grow. When keeping a workout journal you will find that you are able to change at least one aspect of your training at least once a month.

There is a great advantage that a hardgainer can get from keeping a workout journal as it will make sure that you never fall into the trap that most hardgainers fall into which is doing the same workout using the same weight day after day without improving.

This will result in you training on a plateau where your muscles adapt to the stress that you give it during your workouts and you stop growing muscle. When you have a record of what weights you lift and what rest you take you can set an objective to improve on just one aspect of your routine to keep you growing muscle.

The workout listed below should only be done after a good 5 minute warm-up is done with cardio or normal calisthenics. Before going heavy one should always do at least two sets with a light weight to make sure everything is warmed up correctly. Strict form is vitally important for any movement.

The following workout should be done for at least twice a week so that the muscles are worked to the maximum every 48 to 72 hours. It is strongly advised to do lat pull-downs for two weeks and then change to seated rowing so that you are constantly changing the stress on your back.

Back Workout For Hardgainers

Exercise                                Sets Reps
Wide grip pull ups	                 3   MAX
Superset lat pull down / seated row	 3    10 
Bent over barbell row	                 3    10

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